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Still looking to find that perfect gadget for the holidays? Here is what local online retailer Mantality has to offer.

Olloclip 3-in-1 iPhone 4/4S fisheye lens

For iPhonographers wanting to take their images to the next level, the Olloclip might just be their next love affair. This 3-in-1 quick connect lens solution includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens to turn pictures taken on your iPhone 4/4s into a “like” magnet on Instagram. R900.
iPhone Hard Drive cover

We’ve seen a number of awesome looking iPhone cases, with this one meant for all the techies out there. If you’ve ever replaced a hard drive, you’ll know the familiar look of Mantality’s Hard Drive Cover. It comes complete with all the familiar barcodes, screw slots and approval ratings, and fits snuggly around your iPhone 4/4S – no assembly required. Yours for R175.
iCrayon stylus
We’re not quite sure if the iCrayon puts the style back into stylus, but at least it confirms that working on the iPad is indeed kids’ play. It looks like your old Crayola crayons, but we won’t recommend melting this one down in order to make candles. While the Draw Something app might have lost its initial appeal, it does not mean that there is no reason to whip the iCrayon out at board meetings. R125.
Swedish FireSteel
Fire is the most primal component of survival, and thus being able to start one is often essential when heading into the great outdoors for a camping trip (as well as when just gathered around the braai). The Swedish FireSteel offers a quick and easy way to light a spark in inclement weather, by dragging the striker along the steel. FireSteel – because sometimes using a lighter is just too easy. R221.
Runtastic chest strap and receiver
Monitoring your heart rate during exercise can be a valuable tool for getting fitter quicker and, in-general, getting the most out of your regime. The Runtastic chest strap and receiver works with the Runtastic fitness app in order to track your heart rate within the app. This set is available to purchase from Mantality for a decent price of R700, which compares favourably to other solutions.
So how does it work? No prize for guessing where the chest strap goes, while the receiver plugs into your smartphone’s 3.5 mm jack (don’t worry you’re still able to listen to music). For some this might be a slight pain, since this little square (about as large as a R5 coin) adds to your smartphone’s bulk. Once initial set-up is done, there is no further hassles required since the Runtastic app immediately picks up the signal and should display your heart rate within a few seconds from start-up.
The Runtastic heart rate monitoring only works via the Runtastic app unfortunately, but having tested it, the app is great. We’ve been staunch supporters of Endomondo, with Runtastic as good if not slightly better, containing extra information such as weather and temperature, and added pace tracking on your maps.
Jabra Sport corded stereo headset
If you are running/exercising with your phone, trying to answer a call and have a conversation can be an awkward affair. Jabra’s Sport corded stereo headset will help, since it includes an inline microphone and volume control so you don’t need to worry about juggling your smartphone around while in full flight. The earphones are secured with behind-the-ear support, while three different sizes of earbuds are provided to fit snuggly in-ear. R750.
Runtastic sports armband for mobiles
It’s no fun jogging with a phone jangling in your pocket. And with smartphones only increasing in screen size, you need a better solution. Runtastic’s sports armband can actually accommodate the 4.8" Galaxy S3 (only just though), while a small money slot will hold your race entry-fee change. R250
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