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Nanosuit? Check. Amazing graphics? Check. Evil corporations and aliens? Check. Oh, it must be the new Crysis 3 then.

Set in 2047, Crysis 3 has Prophet waging a war on two fronts within New York City. Long gone is the metropolis that never sleeps, since the Big Apple has been transformed into a sprawling urban jungle after evil corporation C.E.L.L. covered it in a gigantic Nanodome. 
An apocalypse has never looked this amazing
Developer Crytek has always been known for its class-leading graphic prowess that has left many a custom-built gaming PCs crying out for mercy. Crysis 3 is no exception and even on the Xbox 360 version of the game, Crytek takes the graphical eye-candy of the series to the next level. The result is stop-and-stare visuals that are simply unparalleled.
Crysis 3 also offers a few new gameplay elements, including the ability to utilise Ceph weaponry, thanks to Prophet tinkering with his nanosuit and experimenting with Ceph DNA. Although all the alien weapons look fantastic, they boast about the same kick as the large assortment of human guns players will find scattered across NYC.
We loved the fact that you can either run and gun your way through the game using the large selection of weapons on offer or take the stealth approach. We preferred the latter as it’s enormously entertaining skewering C.E.L.L troops and Ceph Stalker units alike with the normal arrowheads and bringing down Ceph Pinger sentry robots via the exploding- or electric shock arrowheads. The familiar HUD now sports the ability to hack all manner of electronic equipment, from rendering landmines redundant through to turning enemy torrent guns on their creators.
Like Errol in that annoying Vodacom ad, you probably should've cut the grass. Now you have a rather disastrous pest control issue at hand. 
To the point

As expected, Crysis 3 blows its FPS competition out of the water in terms of its graphics, and also packs some solid FPS gameplay mechanics. This title is a definite must-buy for fans of the series and FPS gamers in general. It is not only the graphical yardstick by which all other games will now be measured, but also proves to be the first big blockbuster title of the year to live up to its billing.


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