By Brett Wilson 27 November 2008


C&C: Red Alert has always been a game of “what if”. “What if Russia had been the big superpower and not ­Germany?”, “What if mind-altering super soldiers had governed the war?”, and in Red Alert 3, “What if Einstein had never existed?”.

Welcome to the future, about 10 years from now, the ­soviets are losing World War III and something drastic needs to be done. Never fear, as a plan has been hatched by our ­comrades to travel back in time for the “untimely” ­demise of ­Einstein. Great, problem solved, NOT!

Upon arriving back in their own ­time our comrades ­discover they have ­unleashed another superpower, the ­Empire of the Rising Sun which should have never ­existed. Now a three-way battle ensues between the Soviets, Allies and ­Empire for ­global supremacy. So, may the person with the biggest tank win or was that the biggest mech or...

The co-op campaign is great and the factions are well balanced.
Getting to the point of op-oping is tedious.

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