By Brett Wilson 12 June 2009


The GOD is dead and the void must be filled, all hail the new god- you. That is once you manage to massacre all your Demigod half-brothers and sisters. Oh… did they forget that in the mission briefing? Actually, pretty much everything is forgotten at the beginning of DEMIGOD. Some semblance of a tutorial, your objective and a basic campaign mode would have been nice. Unfortunately there is none of this. Read the game manual and maybe visit YouTube and watch a few videos just to see how to play.

DEMIGOD is a bit like playing Mortal Kombat, but from a RPG and RTS perspective- it’s all about the FIGHT!!! The main focus of this game is multiplayer and skirmish and nothing else. DEMIGOD has a half-baked storyline attached to give the game a little credibility, but beyond that the game has no depth. Does this make it a bad game? Well, no.

DEMIGOD is an excellent game.  It offers heart pounding and nail biting skirmishes, with wars between Demigods coming down to the wire, or, more accurately, the final slam of a hammer. As you win more matches you can upgrade your Demigod with permanent artifacts to make them increasingly powerful. There are also various achievements to unlock which provide honour for you to get more powerful artifacts.

The Arenas

All matches are fought in Arenas with scattered bonuses throughout the playing field. Controlling these bonuses can mean the difference between victory and defeat, and don’t forget to keep going back to your base to upgrade your buildings and buy items or you could find your opponent quickly over running you. A main gripe amongst players is that units cannot be controlled in the game. They will go wherever they like and do what is in their best interest, not yours. Luckily this also happens to your opponent.

When first playing DEMIGOD it looked like a game destined to gather a ton of dust on the shelf, but after a little perseverance in trying to understand the game it turned into quite a fun bash-em-up. But not recommended for non-skirmish and -multiplayer gamers.

Absolutely addictive once you get going. Great for multiplayer addicts.
No tutorial makes it difficult to start. Not for gamers who don???t like multiplayer or skirmish games.

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