By Thomas McKinnon 7 January 2009


Four survivors, a limited range of weapons and health packs and a seemingly infinite host of flesh-starved undead; the plot of every zombie movie ever created and now the plot of Left 4 Dead. 

While the game’s storyline is paper thin its game play is anything but. You find yourself covering four levels with five spooky maps each, making your way from one safehouse to another in an effort to replenish you ammo, health and nerves. Each map serves up a decent level of suspense, action and surprises. Thank heavens for weapon mounted flash lights!

Left 4 Dead’s multiplayer modes are its defining feature as you co-op with up to three players online to carve your way through zombies, puke spewing Boomers, Hunters, Smokers and Witches. You can even take the part of an elite band of the undead in the game’s Versus mode to defeat the survivors.

Left for Dead will leave you feeling like a kid again with more than a few frights lurking around dark corners. Its lack of cinematic sequences and rotund extras is also refreshing as you get sucked into the game almost immediately.

A dynamic enemy placement gives it huge replay value and co-oping is good fun.
There are only four campaign maps and the game is no fun playing solo.

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