By Brett Wilson 7 July 2008


From the beginning of the game you are immersed in a futuristic world where earth is at a pinnacle of a technological revolution with the discovery of a alien artifact, that is... until someone stole it.   

You take control of the game as Commander Shepard, and will have to planet and galaxy hop to complete missions to bring you closer to the truth of a impending threat to civilisation as we know it and face some pretty nasty characters that want to see the human race fail. The best thing about Mass Effect is that you don’t have to stick with the story line. Very similar to Privateer 2, you can go off the main quest to do side quests by exploring other planets, this makes the gameplay time increase exponentially and is especially rewarding for someone looking for a game they can play longer than 40 hours as what seems to be the norm for games these days.  

Mass Effect is a extremely deep, rich and rewarding RPG.

An enhanced inventory system makes it easier to modify weapons and armour and the side quests add game time.
The load screens are really irritating.

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