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Huawei is set to do things a little differently at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this Sunday: actually unveil a new flagship in the form of the Huawei P10. Normally, the Chinese manufacturer reserved their top phone unveilings for separate occasions, but with Samsung delaying the release of the Galaxy S8, the opportunity has opened for Huawei to make a significant impression. 

With that in mind, here's five things we think the Huawei P10 should sport when it makes its debut on Sunday, 26 February at 15:00 (SAST). 

1. Use Porsche Design

When Hauwei debuted its Mate 9 phablet lineup last year, it was the smaller 5.5" Porsche Design model that piqued most people's interest. Constructed from more premium materials, as well as sporting more curves and sleeker aesthetic, Huawei definitely utilise the Porsche design house more frequently. 

To that end, a device that hinges heavily off the creative talents of Porsche Design would be a great option in our opinion, especially if the P10 wants to stand out from the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 on local shelves. 

2. Go second-gen or better

On the rear of the P10 many are expecting the second-gen Leica certified dual camera as the primary shooter. Huawei unveiled the new generation of camera with the Mate 9, featuring a 12 MP RGB and 20 MP monochrome sensors. 

If Huawei wishes to push the boat out even further, they could surprise everyone with a third generation dual camera. With most of the major smartphone makers debuting dual camera setups last year, having one that's better than the rest is imperative for Huawei and the P10. 

3. Make it a powerhouse

Huawei has never opted for subpar components when building their flagship devices, but for whatever reason they never seem to benchmark as well as they should. With the P10 likely featuring the Kirin 960 processor, it would behoove Huawei to make the most of it and make it processing powerhouse. 

4. Debut a digital assistant

Ahead of Sunday's unveiling, there have been reports that Huawei has a mobile digital assistant in the works, akin to Apple's Siri and Google Assistant on the Pixel. With the latter not arriving in South Africa any time soon, it opens up the opportunity for Huawei to release their own offering on the P10. 

Huawei's already done a solid job of its own EMUI UI (layered atop Android Nougat), as seen on the Mate 9, so we're confident they can do the same for a digital assistant.  

5. Get it here quickly  

Following launches, the quicker a manufacturer can bring a new phone into the country the better. Apple and Samsung have always done well in this regard, but Huawei has struggled somewhat. As such, if they truly want to make a run at the local flagship throne, getting the P10 here within two months of its MWC 17 unveiling will be imperative. 

To stay in the loop regarding the Huawei P10, be sure to follow us at @TechSmartMag, as we'll be in attendance in Barcelona for the company's press conference on 26 February.


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