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LG probably made the biggest impression out of all the smartphone manufacturers at Mobile World Congress last year, debuting the modular G5 and its "friends" of attachable/detachable accessories. At first glance, the concept was quite intriguing, but upon closer inspection, a tad less polished than we hoped. 

Nevertheless, there were some enviable aspects to the device, and while LG seems to be forgoing its modular design plans, the G6 is a hotly anticipated smartphone. Debuting on 26 February, like many other devices for MWC, here's what we'd like to see come 14:00 (SAST). 

1. Make modular smarter

If the rumours are true, LG's dropping of modular design might be a tad preemptive in our opinion. Instead, the South Korean manufacturer should look for a way to refine the modular aspects. Perhaps a cue from competitor Lenovo and its Moto Z lineup is the best option, as it ensures that one does not need to power down the G6 before attaching a modular component. 

With Google suspending its role in the modular realm with Project Ara, having other options in the mix would certainly be worthwhile. Oh, and if they can drop the cost of the modular attachments, that would be perfect. 

2. Build on the wide-angle lens

The one element that thoroughly impressed us on the G5 was its dual camera, and in particular the wide angle lens. It provided one of the best camera experiences we had on a smartphone during 2016. As such, improving it would be a good move on LG's part, especially as rival manufacturers will likely be making similar improvements to the cameras on their flagships. It seems to be the case, with LG noting a 13 MP wide-angle setup, and not the 8 MP setup as on the G5. 

3. Create productivity apps

Much of the jargon surrounding the LG G6 has been focused on the display and something called "full-screen". It is said to make the most of the 18:9 aspect ratio that the G6 will reportedly tout. That, however, is only one part, as the larger real estate should also have a bouquet of productivity focused tools and apps embedded into the OS and UI.  

If LG indeed wants people to think of the G6 as a supreme multitasking device, it has deliver on both the hardware and software.   

4. Polished design

LG has missed the mark slightly in recent years regarding the materials it uses for the G series flagships. While the G5 featured glass and metal, the finish left a bit to be desired, particularly on the frame and area that detached for modular components. 

As such, we're hoping this version will be far more polished than the predecessor. 

5. Upgrades all round

This is one area that we expect LG to do its homework. Each iteration routinely features better all round specifications compared to the previous model. One area that it may struggle though, is in the processor department, with Samsung reportedly hoarding a bunch of Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 chipset for the Galaxy S8.

If LG has not been able to secure any for itself, it needs to ensure the rest of the elements are top notch, making up for the lack of Snapdragon 835, if true. 

For those keen to see what the LG G6 is packing, we'll be covering the live stream on 26 February, so be sure to follow us on Twitter at @TechSmartMag.


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