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Google’s popular mobile operating system (OS) - Android - is dominating the smartphone landscape, with 81% of all smartphones shipped during Q3 2013 powered by this platform. Now, the latest market research from ABI Research has revealed that Android will also be making inroads in the enterprise segment of the smartphone market.

According to the data analytics company, worldwide shipment revenues from Android-running smartphones used by mobile business customers is forecasted to increase from $54 billion during 2013 to more than $92 billion by the end of 2018.

Getting Android devices enterprise ready

For a mobile device to be considered enterprise ready, the mobile platform it is running on has to be embedded with security features the likes of device encryption as well as VPN (virtual private network) connectivity.

ABI Research senior analyst, Jason McNicol said that despite a significant presence among employees in the workplace (BYOD), companies have either not allowed or have acted to limit the access of Android-powered devices to enterprise applications and systems. This, has largely been as a result of security concerns with the popularity of the OS also making it a firm favourite with hackers and spammers.

Consequently, Android OEMs have moved to address these security threats by making Android devices more enterprise ready. These include the biggest fish in the Android OEM pond - Samsung - with its KNOX comprehensive mobile security solution that comes preinstalled on Galaxy S4 (review) and Note 3 (quick review) smartphones.

Practice director at ABI Research, Dan Shey, also added: “Despite the shortcomings associated with Android, OEMs are leveraging the open platform and using key partnerships to provide not only enhanced security features, but a valuable user experience in enterprise ready devices. Samsung is the clear leader but other OEMs, like LG and its GATE solution, have made great advances in their strategies to capture share of the enterprise device market.”

In other data analytics related news, IHS recently revealed that the global processor market will show strong growth throughout 2013, thanks to a year-on-year increase in CPU shipments to smartphone, tablet, PCs and server OEMs.


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