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For those players who are biding their time until Batman: Arkham Knight becomes available, the latest piece of information may have you reaching for your wallet. More information has been announced for the game’s Season Pass. More specifically, players can expect to receive regular new content for six months post-launch. This will include new story missions, and additional – as yet unspecified – super-villains invading Gotham City.

Also making a case for your extra cash is that the Season Pass brings with it legendary Batmobile skins, alternative character skins, as well as advanced challenge maps and new drivable race tracks.

Players who want to get the whole shebang on in one shot can also opt for the Premium Edition of the game, which will include both the game and its season pass. Unfortunately, local prices for both have not yet been revealed. However, judging by the US prices, don’t expect either to be cheap. Stateside, the Season Pass will crowbar your wallet open for $36 (more than half the price of the actual game) while the Premium Edition will come with a nearly $100 (R1100) pricetag, at least on the consoles.

Consider yourself warned: the full trip to this Gotham is likely not for the faint hearted in more ways than one. However, tempting you to start saving now ahead of the game’s 23 June release is the latest trailer for the game. Head below if you’ve missed it.


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