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If you’ve been keeping your eye on Neill Blomkamp, you know that he’s got an intriguing project in the pipeline. Blomkamp created Oats Studio, a movie studio set to come up with “experimental short films”, with the first of these being released online for mahala. Oats Volume 1 received a teaser trailer a week or so ago, with a new trailer seeing the light of day yesterday. And yes indeed, it looks experimental, luckily in an awesome Blomkamp kind of way.

Set to stream on Steam and YouTube by the looks of it, with the popularity of each short film pointing to a possible full-scale movie in future. This was indeed the case with Alive in Joburg which evolved into District 9.

Not much about the short films are known, or if they all tie in together in some way. In the latest trailer we glimpse Sigourney Weaver, which adds a bit of star pulling power to the project (she also starred in Blomkamp’s Chappie). With his work on Alien 5 now dead in the water, we’ve got no doubt that this new project will come up with some awesome original content.

Hit play below and open up wide for a mouthful of Oats.


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