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Over the past few months, Boston Dynamics has been showcasing the capabilities of its robots. One in particular has caught people's eyes, with the SpotMini able to unlock and open doors, as well as navigate stairways and corridors. The robot has always been viewed as an offering that could assist in the emergency services or military field, but now it looks like Joe Six-Pack can get themselves a SpotMini, provided they have plenty of cash.

At a TechCrunch event, Boston Dynamics confirmed that the SpotMini will be sold in 2019, noting that the robots have gone into pre-production as they ready for commercial availability. At this stage, Boston Dynamics is unclear of how consumers would put the SpotMini to work, as right now it's primarily a very expensive door-opener. As such, the company may need to add a few more useful features before every consumer wants one in their home.

For now, only 100 SpotMinis will be produced for sale in early 2019, so don't expect to see one in your neighbour's house anytime soon.   


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