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Good news PS4 and PS3 players of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Activision has revealed the release date of the Ascendance DLC and it is not too far away, at 30th April. Ascendance was already unlocked for players of the game on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, about two weeks ago.

The reason why Ascendance – the second update bringing new content to the game – holds special appeal, is that it brings part two of the Exo-zombies co-op experience. This, as the name suggests, brings more of the current favourite monsters to the first person shooter, in the form of the shambling/walking/running dead, aka zombies.

More specifically, Ascendance will bring PS4/PS3 gamers the new Infection episode, in which players will fittingly get to ‘meat up’ with the walking dead in Burgertown; a fast food joint. We’re guessing in this excursion, you don’t want to know what the special of the day is. And here you thought Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare didn’t have a dark, ironic sense of humour.

What it definitely does have though, is lots of guns, even more bullets, and of course, enough action to keep you amped up on adrenaline for a week at least. The content is slated to drop for $15 (R180) or as part of the Season Pass. Cast your eyes on the trailer below for more.


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