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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 isn’t far off, and by the looks of things, it could just be one of the best COD games to date. Perhaps, but what certainly is drawing the attention is the Battle Royale mode (trailer below). To go with the hype of BO4, how about a comic to introduce the characters – for free.

The Official Comic of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a 10-issue series introducing the specialists of the Black Ops Universe. In collaboration with Activision and Treyarch, it features stories from the minds of creators Greg Rucka, Chris Roberson, Jeremy Barlow, K.A. McDonald, Aaron Duran, Matthew Robinson, and Tony Shasteen.

The first three issues for Ruin, Prophet and Crash are available now, with others coming soon after. Apart from you having to enter your date of birth to get started, the reading process is pretty painless. The comics are available to check out online, or to download as a PDF.

In the first comic we get a taste of the hardcore bloke on the cover of Black Ops 4 - Donnie “Ruin” Walsh. He’s in Cairo on a mission to save a hostage, and being a spray-and-pray type of guy, it seems like he is not at all happy with doing this Black Ops style. Nevertheless, we get to see him in action, and from the looks of it he’s pretty indestructible.

The Call of Duty comics might not win any Eisner Awards, but they should be enough to tie you over till the 12 October release date of the game. We hope they manage to put them all in a trade paperback once all have been released, which should make it a lot easier to read.


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