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Canon has introduced two new 2/3” 4K field lenses - the UJ86x9.3B and UJ90x9B. According to the company, the lenses are set to deliver exceptional optical performance, with the UJ86x9.3B surpassing 4K resolution, while both are intended for use within live broadcast production environments.

The UJ86x9.3B and UJ90x9B are part of Canon's evolving 2/3” 4K lens line-up and join the recently launched CJ12ex4.3B in the range. Both provide professionals with the ability to shoot live broadcast or sport events in 4K quality, and in a first for Canon’s 2/3” lens line-up, the UJ86x9.3B offers resolving power beyond 4K.

You can see clearly now

The new lenses can apparently offer flawless optical resolution from the image centre to the edges, at both telephoto and wide angle thanks to their advanced optical construction. Additionally, an increased use of fluorite and UD glass, combined with Canon’s use of coatings, results in control over ghosting and flare.

The UJ86x9.3B has an 86x zoom, with a focal range of 9.3mm – 800mm, and the UJ90x9B goes even further to 90x, with a 9mm – 810mm focal range. To ensure operators can capture a diverse range of scenes, both lenses feature a built-in 2x extender which doubles the telephoto power, while maintaining 4K resolution.

Also onboard is Canon’s optical Image Stabilizer technologies, which is essential for tracking moving subjects at sports matches and events, while compensating for swing-back. Additionally, operators are able to keep subjects in focus, even in challenging situations, such as when long focus but shallow depth of field is required.

Built to perform

The UJ86x9.3B and UJ90x9B feature a compact design, comparable in size and weight to current HD 2/3” field lenses, allowing easy integration into operating environments. Both lenses also incorporate a 20-pin connector for integration with virtual systems and are fully compatible with existing Canon accessories designed for 2/3” HD Canon field lenses.

At present neither lenses have been detailed with regards to price, although we will update once this becomes available.


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