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Gaming cases can be far from the sexiest bit of kit in PC gaming, but judging by Cougar's past history with peripherals, the newly launched Archon gaming case seems a winner. Following on from the successful launch of its MX300 gaming case, the Archon offering delivers a little bit more.

In terms of looks, Cougar has not opted for any radical looking designs, as seen in the likes of the 700M gaming mouse (review). Instead, the Archon looks a bit more subdued, akin to that of the 200K Scissor Switch keyboard (review). Standing at 430 mm tall, the Archon can house plenty of components, with space for up to five fans (1 rear, 2 front, 2 side). It also has the capacity for six HDD/SSD trays in total, with dimensions large enough for three 2.5" drives and three 3.5" drives respectively. Added to this is an acrylic transparent side cover, so users can see their gaming tower's internal components purring along nicely.

Other aspects worth noting are seven PCI vented slots on the back, which should provide plenty of necessary ventilation for users' graphic cards (with space for up to seven in total). Added too is two USB 3.0 ports up front, making data transfers a tad faster.

All this gaming peripheral goodness will set you back an estimated R500, with Cougar distributing through and locally. For more info on the Archin gaming case, head here.


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