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Call it stupid, call it insane, or call it courageous, the trusty headphone jack is gone on the new iPhone 7. For a technology that has served us so well for so long, with let’s face it, minimal hassle, Apple’s decision to get rid of it is certainly controversial. Here are some of the more insightful comments from across the globe.

Sam Machkovech noting that courage might not have been Apple’s biggest consideration on Ars Technica

While Schiller and Apple designer Jonny Ive talked a lot about wireless being "the future" of audio devices—and thus being the reason for Apple's "courage" to move on from the 3.5mm standard—Apple is curiously not packing those AirPods into new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus boxes. Instead, those devices will ship with the updated Lightning EarPods by default. AirPods will begin shipping in late October and will cost $159.

Samuel Gibbs mentioning the importance of the Lightning port in Apple’s schemes on The Guardian

That port also gives Apple much more control over accessories, as to use it you might have to apply for a licence and certification from Apple under its so-called Made for iPhone (MFi) scheme.

Vlad Savov spills some hate on Bluetooth dongles on The Verge

Think of the most obnoxious business suit you’ve ever met and you’ll inevitably picture some Bluetooth dongle jabbed into his ear, pulsing out blue light at you and soaking up grease from his slicked-back hair. Well, Apple’s now got two of them, calling them AirPods, and it’s asking a lofty $159 for the privilege of taking your EarPods wireless.

Nick Statt staying neutral on The Verge

Some might call it a blunder. Others could say Schiller's comments are representative of the trademark Apple arrogance, indicative of a company culture in which doing what's logical and consumer-friendly is often conflated with doing what Apple executives think is best for its own product lines and for the industry, standards be damned.

Devin Coldewey talking about leverage on TechCrunch

But it isn’t courage. And Apple has behaved courageously before, at least within the limitations of how courageous a global corporation can be: I think it was courage (and self-interest) that made it fight the FBI the way it has. It was courageous to come out in favor of marriage equality and other civil rights issues. Removing the headphone jack from the iPhone is not an act of courage, it’s an act of leverage.

Haje Jan Kamps explains why the headphone is important for more than just sound on TechCrunch

Where Apple goes, other phone manufacturers follow. The tinkerers, hackers and startups of the world will carry the brunt of this decision and I, for one, will grieve the loss.

Eric Limer commenting on the AirPods on Popular Mechanics

In fact, these headphones are committing a grievous sin of design; they gesture at ease and simplicity while making life harder and more complicated. What might seem like an advancement is actually needless flash and glitz. Don't let yourself be blinded by it.

After trying the AirPods, David Pierce had this to say on Wired

In every meaningful way, they really are just EarPods with the cord chopped off. That means they don’t sound great, though they’re probably good enough for most people.

Timothy B. Lee on Apple’s quest on Vox

The downsides are obvious: Almost everyone has headphones, speakers, and other gadgets based on the ubiquitous 3.5 mm headphone jack. Eliminating this connection could render these devices unusable, or at least force everyone to carry around an extra adapter.

But Apple doesn’t care. Ditching the headphone jack is the next step in Apple’s relentless quest to make the iPhone — and all of its products — thinner, simpler, and more reliable.

John Teti going all out on A.V. Club

Apple announced today that its absent-minded engineers somehow forgot to put a standard 35-millimeter headphone jack on its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus electronic telephones. The omission can only be characterized as a colossal boner, unless you are an Apple executive, in which case it can only be characterized as “courage.”

After connecting the AirPods with a one-step pairing process, users can enjoy five hours of listening time on a single charge, and then you can charge the earphones in their little charger, which can hold 24 hours of charge. Once you use that up, though, you need to charge the charger, but get this: You can charge the charger and charge the earphones at the same time. We are so blessed!

Chinese manufacturer OnePlus also gets a dig in

And finally, Reddit user CapnFancyPants on why the new AirPods might not be the best choice for running


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