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Licking your lips for Mindhunter season two? There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that David Fincher is back in the director’s chair, set to look after both the premiere and the final episode according to The Playlist.

The bad news? Well, even though season two was confirmed before the start of season one, production will only start at the end of the month. That means there will be a waiting period before we get to see Holden (Jonathan Groff) and Holt (Bill Tench) trying to get into the mind of serial killers. How long you might ask? The Playlist believes until the start of 2019 unfortunately, with only eight episodes in total. Andrew Dominik (Chopper) will direct two of them, while Carl Franklin (High Crimes) takes charge of the rest.

There’s more related bad news if you’re a zombie lover looking for World War Z Part 2. This project is delayed because of Fincher’s executive producer role in Mindhunter. Fans of the Max Brooks book will know that the movie did not come close to what it could have been, so a longer wait for part two is perhaps not the worst news.

Back to Mindhunter season two, and our only hope is that Cameron Britton gets to reprise his role as serial killer Ed Kemper. Yikes.


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