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Dunwall, the city setting of the first Dishonored (review), was many things, but your first choice for a vacation spot probably wouldn’t be among them.

Karnaca, the setting for Dishonored 2, has been likened to Italy, Spain or Greece, with more pleasing weather and the requisite beaches to laze on, presumably when you aren’t cutting a swath of destruction through the city. Hey, assassins need rest and recreation too you know?

That’s not to say that Karnaca doesn’t have its icky side – while the growing population of rats from the first game don’t seem to feature in the same way in Dishonored 2, players will have something even more gross to contend with – blood flies. These nest in dead bodies, where they multiply so, if you go on a killing spree, more dead bodies means more blood flies to contend with. These, by the way, will swarm and attack you if you get too close.

Much like the first game, the developers have confirmed that you would conceivably be able to complete the game without killing, but rather by relying more on stealth on your ingenuity. The game is slated for arrival during the course of next year. In the meantime, and if you can tear yourself away from the recently released definitive edition on the PS4, here’s a trailer.


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