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Facebook Live is the social media company's answer to a swathe of live streaming apps at the moment. Viewed as more of a reporting tool than other options out there, Facebook Live is vying to gain more popularity. To that end, Recode has reported that the company is currently courting several large media outlets and websites to make use of the service. Facebook is so determined to get Live off the ground, that it is reportedly paying these companies, according to Recode. 

At the moment, Facebook has not officially acknowledged paying said companies, or indeed named any media outlets, but Recode has decided to name drop nonetheless. According to them, the likes of Buzzfeed and The New York Times are on Facebook's payroll for the service, with Engadget also adding one of its sister sites, The Huffington Post, to the list. 

As for why Facebook has gone to these sorts of measures to get its live streaming service up and running? According to Recode, it essentially boils down to money, as live streaming services like Twitter's Periscope and Snapchat are dominating the space at the moment. Adding the clout of websites such as Buzzfeed or The New York Times could certainly up Facebook Live's popularity, especially as YouTube Connect also seems to be gathering momentum.


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