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The racetrack is familiar territory for Ferrari, so when we saw the performance-enhanced and racetrack-ready FXX K hypercar late last year, we knew it would be something special. Since its debut, only a handful of images have made their way to the public. For those lucky enough to afford its €2.5 million price tag, all 40 production models of the LaFerrari FXX K have been sold. It may be small consolation for those unable to drive one, but Ferrari has debuted a new "Making Of" video, giving viewers a glimpse into the design and construction of this one of a kind hypercar.

So what makes the LaFerrari FXX K so special? For one, it is the only production model Ferrari to produce a mammoth 783 kW of power. It also outdoes its forebear in every department, from being 50% more aerodynamic than the original LaFerrari, to producing 42% more power at 200 km/h.

All of this savagery comes courtesy of a redesigned V12 hybrid engine, with the petrol-powered element taking care of 641 kW of its total 783 kW output. For now, the official 0-100 km/h time and top speed remain a closely guarded secret. But Ferrari claims that it completed a lap of its 2.99 kilometre Fiorano test circuit in only 1:14, which is five seconds faster than the benchmark made by its predecessor.

Now that we've thrown plenty of numbers at you, take a look at the video below and enjoy.



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