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If you're a diehard Xbox gamer, or a big fan of shooters, you've likely been enjoying Gears of War 4. Now the March update for the Xbox-exclusive has arrived, bringing two new multiplayer maps for gamers to enjoy. Added to this will be a Ranked Lobbies system, improvements to the Gnasher (a handy in-game shotgun), as well as new characters to collect. 

First though, the new maps, which are named named Diner and Old Town. The former is fairly self-explanatory, and was developed by Gears of War 4's designers over the past 18 months. The area in which gamers take on one another is fairly small, so those better at melee combat should have an added advantage. The Old Town is far more expansive, and will be familiar to fans of the franchise. Taking place in a coastal town, it has vantage points for snipers to deal damage, along with alleyway style fighting for those in need of a challenge. 

Moving onto the other additions. Ranked Lobbies has been a feature that the Gears of War community has been baying for, and now it will improve the flow of matchmaking in the ranked playlists. For gamers within the Core and Competitive playlists, a new pre-game lobby will allow for map voting, customisations and bounty selection, making for a far more balanced match experience.         

See what the March update has in store in the video below. 


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