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We kinda feel sorry the cast of True Detective's second season. The first season was absolutely stellar, as lead actors Matthew McConaughey (Rustin Cole) and Woody Harrelson (Martin Hart) produced tour de force performances in every episode. Added to that was an intriguing story and stylish cinematography that certainly upped the bar and kept HBO's track record for high quality content well intact. 

This new season moves from Voodoo in Louisiana, to the gritty and grimey world of California. Featured in the teaser is Colin Farrell (Ray Velcoro) who sports an enviable moustache and an even better brooding stare. Joining Farrell's moustache is Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, The Vow), as kickass, take no prisoners detective Ani Bezzerides. Rounding things off is Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, The Normal Heart) and Vince Vaughn (The Wedding Crashers, The Internship), both of which show that they can do more than there typecast roles of heartthrob and funnyman respectively.

True Detective is set to premiere on US TVs come 21 June. Although the local release is not known, given the speedy service of Multichoice's Edge channel of late, we should not be too far behind.     


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