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Indie games have certainly come into their own the past few years, and the folks over at Humble Bundle know it. For the Humble Indie Bundle 19 they have pulled together some really awesome games, divided them up into three tiers, and allowing you to purchase more games for less moolah.

If you have a minimum of $1 to spare, you have access to three titles, including the manga styled Rakuen adventure game, and Mini Metro, where it’s your task to design the subway system for a city.

We believe the mid-tier is the sweet spot, since for the average of $6.43 you will get the well-received Soma survival horror title, the bridge engineering game Poly Bridge, and the strangely titled Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a cooperative title that really shakes video games out of its traditional mould.

If you have $14 lying around, one of 2014’s standout titles could be yours, the time dodging Superhot, along with everything else.

As always, you can select where your money goes, able to choose between the developers, Humble Bundle or charity: water. With only nine hours to go, you have to hurry up to get the games you want. 


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