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Justice League hit cinemas across the globe this past weekend, and despite all the fervour surrounding DC's new superhero team up flick, the film has not performed as well as anticipated at the box offices. 

According to Box Office Mojo, Justice League took home $281 million worldwide. While that gives the film a 20th placing in terms of global opening weekend box office earnings, it still falls short of both Warner Bros. and DC's projections for the movie. In the US, the weekend proved even less positive, with Justice League proving the poorest performing film that Warner and DC have released to date. 

Much of that could have to do with the reception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, in our opinion, which despite taking in massive earnings, were lambasted by critics and audiences alike. As such, their experiences likely played a part in Justice League's relatively lacklustre showing Stateside. 

It's not all doom and gloom though, especially with Justice League rated a far better film than Dawn of Justice, currently sitting at 85% among audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Add to that the strong reception of Wonder Woman, plus next year's Aquaman film, and the DC Extended Universe can still be salvaged by the time the next Justice League film debuts.


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