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Kaspersky has announced the launch of a range of Professional Services Packages for SMBs. The packages offer tailored support products that help customers get the most out of their cybersecurity resources. From infrastructure health checks and application deployment to seamless upgrade, vulnerability and patch management, and encryption for portable storage, the packages help IT teams manage ‘the deployment gap’ while optimising protection and maximising ROI.

In a rapidly changing cybersecurity environment, professional services are essential for businesses of every size, including SMBs under pressure to maximise business efficiency. SMBs need to focus on their core business while their cybersecurity implementations are working optimally. According to recent global Kaspersky research, SMBs plan to increase their IT security budgets by up to 14% in the next three years – and getting professional help to enhance the efficiency of their cybersecurity is among the top choices to spend their budgets.

Kaspersky’s new Professional Services Packages for SMBs cover the most in-demand cybersecurity needs: Assessment, Deployment and Configuration. There’s also a Health Check service offering three different levels of coverage, deployment of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent, Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console and Kaspersky EDR Optimum, and Upgrade for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. All packages have clearly described outcomes, a pre-defined scope of work, service duration, etc. – all variables are clarified and agreed on at the outset.

Kaspersky Professional Services packages for SMBs includes five packages:

  1. Health Check Service Package

Analysis of the customer’s policies, audit, health check, identification of current and potential issues in the customer’s Kaspersky infrastructure, reporting and recommendations.

  1. Deployment Service Package

Creation of basic policies, deployment of essential Kaspersky applications, deployment of protection to an agreed number of customer systems, etc.

  1. Upgrade Service Package

Deployment of the latest version of Kaspersky Security Center, migration of settings and policies from customer-created backups, etc.

  1. Hard Disk and Removable Drive Encryption Service Package

Configuration of authentication agent, and implementation of full disk encryption on an agreed number of HDDs, portable storage and/or configuration of file-level encryption.

  1. Vulnerability & Patch Management Service Package

Configuration and setting up of basic policies, demonstration of the key scenarios and typical situations admins will have to deal with, etc.

If the customer’s IT team opts to deploy Kaspersky software themselves, Kaspersky will still support them through the whole process and provide all necessary assistance, including detailed instructions and demo videos. Kaspersky will also ensure that the software is optimised. After implementation, Kaspersky specialists can check the software to ensure that everything is properly installed, and will operate correctly and at peak performance, in line with Kaspersky standards and best practices.

“Our new professional services portfolio together with our experts make life for IT administrators a lot easier. Our experts speak your language – let them handle updates, configure software or assist with migration to Kaspersky products and solutions on your behalf so you can focus on other business issues needing your attention to maximise business efficiency. What’s different about these Packages compared to regular Professional Services? Simplicity. It’s all preconfigured, customers just need to add the Packages they need to their contract, and we’ll do the rest,” concludes Oleg Gorobets, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager at Kaspersky.


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