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We're edging closer to the release of Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The ambitious sequel to the impressive original is amping things up in every regard, focusing on siege warfare, as well as the decisions that players make in-game, all of which is driven by the new Nemesis engine.

With this title's release hotly anticipated, a new live action interactive trailer has debuted to tide us over. As with Destiny 2's live action offering, the Shadow of War one makes a great case for a fully fledged movie about Talion and the Lord of Light being made.

In the trailer below, we can clearly see that its director, Neil Huxley (art director on Ender's Game, Sucker Punch), has taken his influence from the Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson. Evidenced by a superb mix of large-scale sweeping shots of the battlefield, alongside close-up angles of the action.

The trailer ends with the aforementioned interactive portion, as viewers are given the choice to either slay an enemy, or save one of their loyal soldiers. This is a nod to the choices that gamers will have to make when Shadow of War makes its cross-platform debut on 10 October, and should prove one of the interesting elements of gameplay.   

Enjoy the trailer below and make your pick.


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