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Microsoft has an developed extensive overhaul for its Xbox and Windows 10 gaming interface. The company brought a few changes to the mix last month for its online platform, but now the UI for its dashboard is getting a complete refresh. Xbox's blogger in chief, Major Nelson, released a video detailing the changes, and was joined by the company's Platform Engineering head Mike Ybarra to do so. 

One of the first things you'll notice in the video below is that things look a bit cleaner and simpler. Gamers will now be greeted by an entirely different looking screen, with four key areas available. 

The first facilitates quick launching of games that are being currently played. The next two centre around suggestions, with recommendations for new friends based on the game one is playing, and the other deals with settings and layout for the dashboard. The final aspect is more on the sales side, with deals and ads for specials that Xbox or third-party retailers may be having on games. 

Along with the new areas, Microsoft has added a "My games and apps" bar at the bottom of the screen. As the name suggests, it features all the recently used titles and applications that a gamer may have interacted with on their console or Windows 10 PC (provided they're cross-platform compatible).    

The final change worth mentioning is the level of customisability that has been added, which Microsoft says is something that gamers have been hankering for. To deliver this, the company has introduced a new tool called Content Blocks, which cater to different types of things, such as games, profiles and apps. Each Content Block can be customised for a specific look and feel, and assembled together according to the user's liking. 

These new features will be available to Alpha Ring Xbox members from today, and roll out to other insiders in coming weeks. The mainstream release of the update is scheduled for a few months from now, and should arrive at the beginning of Q4.  


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