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Predicting the jobs of the future is a tough task, but given the recent rise of Artificial Intelligence over the past few years, it's clear that skills in the AI field will be needed. In order to help professionals better prepare themselves for the rigours of work in the future, Microsoft has launched a new AI course.

Part of the Microsoft Professional Program, the course consists of 10 modules, each taking between eight and 16 hours to complete depending on the student. Some of the modules cover certain subsets of AI, such as computer vision, data analysis, speech recognition and natural language processing among others. As such, this is not a course for novices, but instead intended for those with a solid background in programming or computer sciences.

Along with modules on different subsets of AI principles, Microsoft will also add skills development for its own products, such as machine learning on the Azure platform. This is a move that several tech companies follow, with Google doing similar with its Learn with Google AI initiative.

At this stage, it's unclear how much the AI course will cost, but The Verge points out that the Data Science offering from Microsoft is around the $990, which means this new one should be in the same range.

For those wanting to bolster the look of theri CV and get on-trend for the jobs of the future, this may just be a worthwhile investment.


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