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It seems like it was only last month that the Elder Scrolls received a major update – probably because it was, with Morrowind being released in June. And yet, ZeniMax Online Studios has not been content to rest on its laurels, announcing the next major DLC, The Horns of the Reach, which will be released in August.

The DLC will bring new dungeons, Bloodrot Forge and Falkreath Hold. Players can expect to confront both familiar and unfamiliar enemies including Reachmen, minotaurs, and Nirnblooded creatures, as well as bosses in both monstrous and malevolent magic wielding warlord form.

According to the Elder Scrolls Online, the new dungeons will be available in both normal and veteran modes (including veteran Hard Mode for the last boss) and they will feature new rewards such as unique item sets, monster sets, and achievements.

The forthcoming DLC will also bring with it a new Battlegrounds PvP map, Arcane University, and a new Battlegrounds PvP Mode called Chaosball. There is just one caveat though, as players will need to own Morrowind to enjoy the new battlegrounds offerings.

Also being released, regardless of whether one dips into Horns of the Reach or not, is the free Update 15 which brings improvements to the base game as well. These include the ability to cancel a research project mid-way, Guild Invite History, and an update to the currency system that allows players to deposit Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers into their bank.

Although a separate price for the DLC hasn’t been confirmed as yet, it will be a part of ESO membership for those who have it. 


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