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Lekker Neill Blomkamp, lekker. After he hooked us with the aliens in Rakka, and provided a bit of awkward advertising in Cooking with Bill, he is back with Firebase.

This time round it’s the jungles of Vietnam that are holding an extremely strange secret, one that is far more dangerous than the Yanks with their napalm.

Oats Studios again comes up with a couple of cool concepts that feel like it needs further exploration. With the first set of short experimental films being released as Oats Vol. 1, will each movie have a follow up in the subsequent volumes? The route that both Rakka and Firebase take certainly points that way.

Which kind of makes you think that, in the age of Netflix, is it too much to hope that Blomkamp’s Oats short movies get picked up for production as a full-blown series, much like Black Mirror?

If you’ve got a bit of time to spare, check out Firebase below, but avoid if you’re a bit squeamish.


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