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Apple is yet to lift the lid on its latest iPhone, but it has not stopped people from leaking rumoured information about the device. The latest comes in video format, with a mock up of the iPhone 8 (still unofficial name) appearing on YouTube via Tiger Mobiles.

Together with @OnLeaks, the pair showcase what the finished iPhone 8 may very well look like. While the mock up may not use the same types of materials that Apple will likely lean towards, it does fit with most of the leaked renderings that have also surfaced for the device. 

To that end, the display encompasses most of the front of the phone, with it going edge-to-edge, creating the 'bezel-less' look several manufacturers are going for at the moment. It also curves around the top speaker and front facing camera. Moving to the rear, the most notable feature is the camera setup, with a dual lens akin to the iPhone 7 Plus now rotated to lie vertically as opposed to horizontally. 

The jury is still out on whether this will indeed be what the final iPhone 8 will look like, but given the fact that other YouTube channels, like Unbox Therapy, have released similar videos, appears to add credence to the design of the below model. 

We're still a few months away from Apple revealing the next iPhone, but it's generally believed that an October debut is on the cards. Until then, give the video below a watch and decide for yourself. 


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