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Besides Sony's much talked about PlayStation 4 NEO, the Nintendo NX console is the gaming world's current obsession when it comes to forthcoming releases. Rumours surrounding the console itself have been churning for more than a year, as Nintendo has teased gaming fans regarding its release and specifications. 

Yesterday, however, the Japanese company opted to detail a few tidbits about the NX console, as well as its March 2017 release date. Sadly, no video or images accompanied the news, but there is still plenty to dissect. 

First and foremost, it will be the natural successor to the Wii U. Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed what types of games will debut on the NX, which is a significant concern for gamers looking for a high-powered console. For now, the only confirmed game to be launched on the NX is Legend of Zelda. It will also be launching on the Wii U in March 2017, despite the console suffering severe drops in sales. 

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will also be Nintendo's only new demo game at E3 2016 in June (14-16). Sadly though, no sightings of the NX will be on the cards, with Nintendo likely saving that for its own Nintendo Direct event in 2017. 

While Nintendo has gone on the record as saying that the NX is not a follow up to the Wii U in an interview with Time last year, it will feature the same console and gamepad-esque interface. The gamepad will not be as large as the Wii U version, but is reported to either facilitate console or remote gameplay via an embedded display. 

For now, the NX console's release date is the only definitive information we have about the device. Hopefully, in coming months, more details will emerge, as the NX will have to play a significant part in getting Nintendo back on par with Sony and Microsoft.


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