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Over the past weekend most gamers were tied up with Call of Duty's WWII private beta, if they owned a PlayStation 4. For the rest, it seems like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is becoming the game of choice, at least if the recent Steam gamer count is anything to go by.

For a few hours yesterday (27 August), the game totalled 877 844 players via the Steam platform, usurping the top spot from Dota 2 for a few hours. Although its rise to number one only lasted a short while, it does serve as a significant milestone for the independently developed title, which will be making its way to the Xbox One soon. Added to that, is its overtaking of Dota 2 on the Steam platform, which Steam created, and routinely maintains the top spot on the active players list.

The precise reason for the increase in numbers is unclear, but with high profile YouTubers like PewDiePie eulogising about the game and making several live streamed videos about PUBG, it can't hurt at all.

Since its peak yesterday, PUBG player numbers have simmered down to 450 000, according to Engadget. If, however, the game can maintain a steady level around the 500k mark, it will stand it in good stead against other popular tactical titles like CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege.


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