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In case swirling rumours of an imminent PS5 had you worried that your PS4 was on its way to become defunct, you can relax. Sony has confirmed that there is still at least three years of life left in its five year old console.

That, apparently, is how long it will take to develop the next console in its lineup. This is according to a report in the Wall Street Journal and Sony’s Playstation head, John Kodera, so you don’t get more legitimate than that.

It’s good news too, since it means players won’t have to lay out more cash to keep up with the times in the short term. It also makes a great deal of sense. The fact that the console has sold 79 million units to date means there is a vast audience to market to.

Add to this Sony’s strategy of concentrating on producing distinguishing titles like God of War (review), Horizon Zero Dawn, and the forthcoming The Last of Us 2, and it means that there are plenty of enticing games in the pipeline that have been designed to run on the current gen console, and wont require years of development for new hardware.

Indeed, it seems that the games are carrying the aging console well - a fact born out by God of War's initial sales of more than three million in its opening week.


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