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If you were thinking that the Hybrid Rocket shoe was the latest collab between Puma and Elon Musk, then sorry, but no. Although we've seen Puma working with Sega recently, the Hybrid Rocket only runs off Puma's technology.

The 'hybrid' part of this shoe references the mix happening between the German company's Ignite Foam and relatively new Nrgy beads used in their soles. Puma notes this provides “ultimate cushioning and energy return for longer, faster runs.”

Their argument for this is as follows: The Nrgy beads provide strong cushioning on impact. This feeds back to the Ignite Foam that absorbs this energy, creating a rebound effect during the toe-off phase of the stride.

Now here's the thing. Adidas's Boost technology has transcended their running shoes to make them very much have-to-have street style accessories. Can Puma's Hybrid Rocket do the same? They certainly look the part, with the side-lacing system and the Evoknit sock-like uppers, which makes us wonder how much running will be done in the Puma Hybrid Rocket, compared to the amount of 'flexing'.

They are retailing for a rather expensive R2 299, available from 12 July from Puma stores and other independent retailers.

18fw-puma-hybrid-rocket-c64-l from Intersport Int. Services BV on Vimeo.


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