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Face facts, at one point in your childhood you've wanted to be James Bond. Who wouldn't? But becoming a part of her majesty's secret service is pretty far out of reach for most South African men. There is however some respite, should you have cash to splash that is.

Aston Martin, the luxury British sports car brand that Bond often favours while spending his downtime in Monte Carlo, is now offering a new bespoke customisation service to all its local drivers. Much like the man responsible for kitting out 007 himself, this new service has been aptly named Q.

Q offers the unrivalled ability to personalise your Aston Martin, and includes options above and beyond the grain of wood you wish to feature on the dashboard. Aston Martin, along with the Daytona Group showcased the extent of their bespoke efforts recently with the 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster, which was suitably personalised with a custom Zagato Fiamma Red paint job and uniquely designed black leather interior.

According to the Daytona Group, it's a one of kind vehicle, with no other having been ordered to that spec to date. It therefore seems that Q is designed exclusively for a very niché clientele who don't mind throwing around a few million rand every now and then.

It created quite the fanfare when it was unveiled says Rens Rademeyer, general manager of Aston Martin South Africa. “Each time we receive a new car for our showroom the air is filled with excitement, but the arrival of the Fiamma Red V12 Vantage S Roadster definitely set the bar higher still." He added that, “not only is it the fastest convertible ever produced by Aston Martin, but it is also in a colour created for the Zagato (independent Italian coachbuilders), making the visual experience unique. It was truly amazing to have the 2015 V12 Vantage S Roadster on our showroom floor."

The Q by Aston Martin service is available exclusively in SA via Daytona, and should be an offering well on the radar of the golf and polo club elite.


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