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"The front page of the internet," better known as Reddit to non-users, is prepping a new site that will go live later today. Curiously named Upvoted, it will feature the best in curated content from Reddit, but will not have any comments section or ability to vote. According to the The Next Web, this new site is designed to help Reddit regain the traffic it loses when other sites rework Reddit users’ original content as stories for their own websites.

Along with stories and news, Upvoted will also post infographics, illustrations, videos and podcasts covering as diverse a range of topics as Reddit itself. The company has put together a team of roughly 10 people to curate and write for the site, with ex-Myspace editorial director Vickie Chang heading up the team.

The purpose of the team will be to trawl through the vast reams of content on Reddit, verify the validity of original stories, and then interview the individual that created it for more original content. Added to this, Upvoted will also feature sponsored content, written by the 10-person team, which will also serve as a means for monetising the site.    

Interestingly, as Wired discovered when they questioned Chang, no story is "off-limits," which puts the recent spate of critical stories about Reddit into sharper focus. Whether or not such a story would ever find its way onto Upvoted remains to be seen.

The site is set to go live later today, but at the moment remains in private Wordpress status, with access by invite only.


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