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We’ll admit, we’re suckers for a great deal, and that is exactly what may be heading our way when the remastered version of Dishonored launches next month. Apparently, owners of the game on the PS3 will be able to pick up the remastered version with a 50% price cut.

Whichever side of the love-hate spectrum you fall on with regards to remastered versions of games, there’s no arguing with price cuts.

Sweetening the deal is that a few months ago the PS3 version of Dishonored was one of the free game offerings for PS Plus subscribers, which means that even if you didn’t buy the game on the previous generation, you could conceivably still pick up the remastered version with the price cut intact.

In the US at least, this means that players can expect to add Dishonored to their PS4 games collection for $20 (R240) rather than the full price of $40 (R480), and is largely expected to be confirmed for European territories in the weeks ahead as well.

Considering that the game looked terrific on the now well aged PS3, we expect it will look even better on the next-gen platform. Also worth mentioning is that the Definitive Edition will come with all the previously released DLC included in the deal.

In the meantime, feel free to wet your appetite with the trailer for the recently announced sequel, Dishonored 2, which has gone into production.

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