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We're now a few days away from Apple's 12 September-dated press conference, with the iPhone 8 expected in attendance. Rumours about the latest iPhone have not stopped, however, with the latest tidbit being that the iPhone 8 may be ditching Touch ID.

The report comes via The Wall Street Journal, with the publication citing the fact that Apple encountered issues while trying to embed its fingerprint sensor into the new all-screen display the device is said to be sporting.

Along with rumours that the new OLED screen of the iPhone 8 forced the company to push back production by one month, prompting Apple to do away with Touch ID altogether. To take care of the biometric element of the smartphone, the iPhone 8 will instead make use of facial recognition, but without Touch ID, it brings into question several issues.

To that end, Touch ID has been an integral part of the iPhone experience, used not only to unlock the device, but also to facilitate payments for Apple services and applications. Having only facial recognition to take care of those iOS features may leave the iPhone 8 a little shortchanged, especially as the security of facial recognition is by no means failsafe.

Still a rumour for now, we'll have to wait to see if Touch ID is indeed absent from the iPhone 8 next week, and how Apple plans to allay any security concerns.


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