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After blowing every record out of the water for an R-rated action movie, the pressure is on for Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool 2 to deliver once again. Filming for the project is currently underway, with a hilarious teaser trailer all we've had to go on for now. That changed, however, as Reynolds recently took to Twitter to showcase an image of one of the new mutants set for the film - Domino. 

We've known for a while that Zazie Beetz, who is fantastic in Donald Glover's Atlanta TV series, will be taking on the role of the X-Force member, but this serves as our first official glimpse. In typical Deadpool fashion, Domino's photo has been well thought out, with a recreation of the image that was first released of the foul-mouthed mercenary. 

As far as Domino's look goes, it's not a complete likeness of the comic book version, specifically the paleness of her skin due to her mutation. She does have the signature mark on her left eye, and a penchant for leather.

Now all that remains is our first look at Josh Brolin's (Avengers: Infinity War) Cable, which we hope will also feature a nod to the first Deadpool film. Perhaps Cable wearing crocs?    


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