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As two of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers, one would expect Apple and Samsung to throw the odd bit of shade in the other direction, and they certainly have a go now and then.

The latest salvo comes from the South Korean company, which pokes fun at Apple’s latest and greatest, the iPhone X. Indeed, as reported there have been queues for the new device, but Samsung shows us the other side of the coin, an ex-iPhone user rather than an iPhone X user.

The ad, entitled Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up, takes us back to June 2007 when the first iPhone was released. Our main man proudly buys an iPhone, but unfortunately runs into some problems that iPhone users certainly have come up against – low storage space, a small screen, lack of waterproofing, well, you get the idea.

Cut to 2018, and he finally makes the switch to the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8, smiling as he walks past the iPhone users queueing for the latest X. Samsung rounds it off with a dig at the notch on the iPhone X which cuts into the screen, showing a fanboy with a similar haircut.

It’s entertaining  to see companies willing to take each other on through a great piece of marketing, but perhaps in defence of Apple, let’s just say that it’s a good thing the protagonist didn’t make the switch to Samsung last year.


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