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As was the case last year, the lid on Samsung's flagship has been lifted days before its official unveiling. At the beginning of the month, leaked images surfaced showcasing the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and now an official video has also seen the light of day. It highlights the S7 edge in particular, showcasing some of the new features it will carry.

The fact that the video has been released is quite odd though, as it appears to have cropped up on Samsung Indonesia's YouTube channel. It has not been removed yet, with the release information showing that it was already uploaded on the 12th of February.

The promo shows off a young woman working out with her S7 edge in tow. As she begins her session in the gym, she places the device on a wireless charging pad, and once she has finished, removes it with a full battery displaying. Our Bahasa Indonesian is a little rusty, so it is never fully confirmed whether these flagships will also have fast charging, but the chances are very good that they do.

Next our fitness focused female heads into the forest for a run, pairing up her Galaxy S7 edge with the Gear S2. Next, it's time for a bit of archery in the rain. We see the smartphone in question also do its thing all wet, confirming that it will indeed be waterproof. What is uncertain at this stage is whether it will have the same IP67 rated waterproofness as the Galaxy S5 (review).

While this video only showcases a portion of the next Galaxy, Samsung will be hosting a full-scale event on 21 February at 20:00 CAT.   


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