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Going wireless is a smart move. It’s affordable, flexible and with modern technology, and is just about always online. While the world becomes more interconnected than ever before, it pays to invest in some of the state-of-the-art technology that dominates the network market these days.

But, to enjoy all of the benefits of wireless connectivity, having the best products is an absolute must. And the best products go beyond the simple Wi-Fi router.

If you, or your company, is on the hunt for the best wireless products on today’s market, look no further. We’re breaking down the 7 best wireless products on the market, in no particular order.

  1. Ubiquiti Outdoor LiteBeam

The Ubiquiti 5GHz 23dBi LiteBeam M5 Long-Range Lightweight airMAX CPE | LBE‑M5‑23 is a lightweight and quite compact wireless product which can easily handle the rugged outdoors. The LiteBeam functions really well over long distances, and is popular worldwide because it is affordable and known for providing a steady signal.

Combined with the right hardware and software, it is easily scalable which makes it suitable for both home and company use.

  1. Ubiquiti Indoor Access Point

Sold as the Ubiquiti 2.4GHz / 5GHz UniFi AC Lite Indoor Access Point | UAP‑AC‑LITE, this device is not only affordable, but it is also available in a very sleek, clean design making it suitable for all environments. The surprising thing about this access point is that, for its size, it is capable of handling high-density client use. This device is also scalable so growing companies can enjoy years of use from it.

  1. Tenda Dual Band Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi has become a selling point for plenty of restaurants and cafes. Those who are looking for a Wi-Fi setup that is capable of providing a fast and stable connection, for restaurants and small office spaces, this is the one. This particular Tenda router is considered to be superior to those similar kinds out there.

  1. Tenda Port Ethernet Switch

This wonderfully small but potent bit of networking hardware is used to connect devices to the computer network. An Ethernet switch is designed to provide a number of ports, and the Tenda Port Ethernet Switches are capable of providing up to 26 ports to connect devices. Luckily, Tenda manufactures a number of different Port Ethernet Switches, which gives networking companies more options.

  1. Mimosa Point to Multipoint Access Point

If speed is a priority, the Mimosa Point to Multipoint device is an absolute must. It has increased capacity capabilities, can be scaled to include more users, and it is easy to synchronise to other networks to improve its use across platforms.

  1. Cambium Networks Antenna

To reach the right signals and provide consistent connectivity, having the right network antenna for wireless routers is one of the most important parts of the entire setup. Cambium products are without a doubt considered to be among the best on the market.

  1. Mimosa Dual-Slant Beamwidth Horn Antenna

A staple of wireless networking, this horn antenna can be altered to suit individual needs and it is easy to integrate into existing Wi-Fi networks.

Switchcom Distribution is a distributor of High-End Wired and Wireless Networking Equipment, VoIP and Surveillance products. They are also a distributor for products like Mimosa Networks, Tenda, Ubiquiti Networks, Cambium, Fanvil and many more. Visit their website: or contact them on: 010 007 2555.


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