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Sony has shown independent developers yet more love, launching a new indie games channel on its portable handheld console, the PS Vita.

The new channel is also a bonus for faithful (and necessarily, patient) users of the PS Vita, as it more easily enables players to discover and keep track of the array of indie games already available on the portable console.

In a blog post, the company reassured that there are many indie games slated to “hit the store soon.”

On your marks..Go!

To start with, inaugurating the indie games category on the PS Vita is Hotline Miami, which is also available on the PS3. Furthermore, PS Vita Owners will also have several notable additions to look forward to, including SpelunkyTerrariaFlower,LuftrausersHohokum and Counter-Spy in the near future.  

Sony also noted that this is a small selection of the more than fifty indie titles that are currently in development. Indeed this further joins an already healthy catalogue of indie games, such as LimboGuacamelee!, Sound ShapesMachinarium, and Thomas Was Alone.

However, Sony’s support of indie developers goes further, and deeper than simply providing a platform for more exposure. According to the company, the “unique perspective that indie developers deliver contributes to the success and future of the gaming industry.”

This attitude, and high regard for indie developers, is certainly not limited to the PS Vita – the company launched the Indie Games category for the PS3 last month, and paid particular attention to indie developers during the recent E3 when providing more details on the imminent PS4.

Clearly, Sony is courting not just AAA developers that produce titles with mega-million budgets, but smaller developers as well. The company rammed its intention home - having more indie’s flocking to its platform than its competitor -  pointing out that its “unrestrictive policies make it easier than ever for developers to launch games on PS Vita.”

To the point

To our minds, this is a smart move, especially since large titles for the PS Vita have been a bit scarcer than we would have liked. However, if we can get to a point where pricing on indie games could compete with that found on tablets, and if alluring second screen features can be added when the PS4 arrives, then the PS Vita may just receive yet another chance at bringing more players into the portable fold.

In the meantime feast your eyes on the video below for a glimpse of some of the indie games in action.


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