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The HTC 10 made its global unveiling with very little fuss last year. While the Taiwanese manufacturer did not hold a large-scale event like many of its compatriots, we were none the less intrigued by a device that looked great, was well specced and sported a bloatware-free version of Android Marshmallow. Sadly though, it never made its way to SA in any official capacity.

As such, it's a tad difficult to get excited about a recent Facebook posting by HTC, teasing a "surprise" device announcement on 20 March. The surprise could be anything at this stage, as HTC also has a vested interest in virtual reality, so another headset is not completely out of the question.

We believe a follow up to the HTC 10 is most likely though, given the low-key status of the posting. With the Taiwanese company's smartphones not being distributed or serviced locally anymore, we're hoping the HTC 11 (unofficial name) can be a swansong, and the device makes it to our shores.

The 20th of March, should give us a clearer picture on the whole situation, so watch this space.


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