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It’s a fairly long way off until the 26 August local release date for Star Trek Beyond. If Rihanna’s Sledgehammer themed new trailer (see below) for the movie was nothing but a sugar high, leaving you in need of sustenance until the movie hits the big screen, Humble Bundle has you sorted.

With the help of IDW Publishing, they are beaming up loads of Star Trek titles, all for a steal. In fact, there’s $351 worth of reading pleasure which can be had for as low as $25. This price includes a Humble Bundle exclusive in the form of a hard copy of Star Trek New Visions Special: More of the Serpent Than the Dove, written by John Byrne.  

If June’s paycheck is all but spent, you only need $1 to get:

Star Trek Classics: Vol 1-3, Star Trek: The Next Generation - Ghosts, Star Trek: The Next Generation - Hive, Star Trek: Vol 1-3, Star Trek: Countdown, Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, Star Trek: Movie Adaptation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Fools Gold, and Star Trek: Gold Key Archives: Vol 1-2.

For more than the average ($8 currently), you score:

Star Trek Classics Vol. 4: Beginnings, Star Trek Classics: Vol. 5: Who Killed Captain Kirk?, Star Trek: Vol. 4-6, Star Trek Archives: Vol. 1-3, Star Trek: Gold Key Archives: Vol 3-4, Star Trek: New Visions: Vol. 1, Star Trek: Nero, Star Trek: Khan, and Star Trek: Spock Reflections.

Pay $15 to score close to the complete bundle, with:

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive, Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War, Star Trek: Vol. 10-11, Star Trek: Legion of Super-Heroes, Star Trek: Harlan Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever, Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation Vol. 2, Star Trek: New Visions: Vol. 3, Star Trek: Year Four, Star Trek: Year Four - The Enterprise Experiment, and Star Trek: Assignment Earth.

If you have the need to splash, $25 will bag you the exclusive 48-page print Star Trek New Visions Special: More of the Serpent Than the Dove, which includes shipping.

Money raised is set to benefit Travelling Stories and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Hit play to watch the latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond, if you haven’t done so already.


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