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Last week we told you about the awesome (it really is) Image Comics package available at Humble Bundle. This week there’s another comic bundle that should make fans happy – Tank Girl, thanks to Titan Comics.

Created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett (also responsible for the characters behind Gorillaz, alongside Damon Albarn), Tank Girl is about as zany as it comes, not just in story but also in drawing styles. Set in post-apocalyptic Australia, you’ll find mutated kangaroo boyfriends, gay koala stuffed toys and random acts of sex and violence, so perhaps Tank Girl isn’t for everyone.

If you pay a dollar or more, you will receive two volumes, Bad Wind Rising and Carioca Issues, consisting of ten comics - a good start. The $8 tier offers stronger value, with four more volumes on offer, including Everybody loves Tank Girl, which features the Automatic Psychedelic Hand-Grenade Crowbar Sh*t-Storm Massacre. As mentioned, Tank Girl demands a discerning  audience.   

In the highest tier, $15 or more will score you two more volumes, including the Classic Issues (collecting the original Tank Girl comics), with two further issues added, amongst which the beautifully titled Two Girls One Tank.

In total there is about $112 worth of comics here, with Titan Comics and WaterAid UK supported through your purchase. With a certain amount of chaos present in the world today, perhaps Tank Girl is just the type of hero that’s needed. 


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