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Cyber Guy
By Chenél Pieterse-Boyle

Julie slips the t-shirt over her bare shoulders and reaches for her golden necklace. She is planning to leave shortly. The bluish light coming from her study attracts her attention. She could have sworn she had switched the computer off earlier.

As she guides the arrow to the Shut Down button, a message from Craig appears on the screen.

            “Hey Beautiful, where are you going?”

            A frown cleft between her eyes. She hadn’t mentioned anything to Craig about the girls outing. Her fingers linger on the keyboard before she types her answer.

            “Not planning much. Having a quiet evening with a new book.”

            “Do you want to chat a little?”

Julie looks at her watch. Perhaps a couple of minutes won’t hurt. She is madly in love with Craig although they haven’t yet met. He knows her most inner secrets and accepts her quirky nature.

            “You still there?”

            “I’m still here. Can only chat a couple of minutes, then I’m reading my book.”

            “Please promise me you won’t ever lie to me.”

Her heart starts bouncing in her chest. How is it possible for him to know that she is lying to him? He knows of her love for reading and never once complained when she logged off to go read a novel.

            “Promise me Julie.”

            “I promise. Give me a second. Need to quickly do something.”


She rushes to the window to look out at the well-lit backyard. Scotty her Labrador is sniffing blissfully around the garden. Relief floods her momentarily, then she walks to the front of the house and gently pull the curtain away. There too no one is watching her.

This is all just her imagination playing tricks on her. Craig is not here. Yet this creepy feeling of being watch is crawling behind her like a dark shadow. She quickly checks that the doors are locked before heading back upstairs. The words flicker like an accusation.

            “What was taking so long?”

            I had to check that all the doors are locked.

            “Definitely, my love, it’s a dangerous world out there. I couldn’t stand it if I had to lose you.”

            “Nothing will happen to me. I’m chatting with you every night.”

            “You know I’m crazy about you, right?”

            “Yeah, I know. I’m just as mad about you. I just wish…”


            “I wish we would meet. You have no idea how I wish to have you near me.”

            “Sorry babe, I wish I could just leave and meet up with you. But I’m stuck here in no man’s land with nothing to do but to think of you. If things were different I would show you exactly how much I love you.

Her cellphone starts piping up and she answers cheerfully. “Hi Lara, I’ve been looking forward to our girls-night-out for weeks now.” “Cool, I’ll meet you at Charlie’s at seven.”

            “Seems like you have better plans than spending your time with me…”

            “What do you mean?”

            “Are you really going to nestle between the blankets and read like you said earlier? Or do you have other plans?”

A shiver runs down her spine like a bolt of lightning; she is surprised at the jealousy Craig is suddenly displaying. If she had to admit it, she has spent every waking hour at work and home the last couple of months talking to him.

            “I have NO reason to cheat on you, Craig.”

            “When you plan nights out with the ‘girls’ and not telling me about it, it creates suspicion. I don’t like being lied to.”

            “How do you know about me going out?”

            “I know everything there is to know about you, Julie. You are the centre of my world and I’m not going to let you waste your time with those who don’t really cherish you.”

            “Craig, you are scaring me.”

            “It’s not my intention. I’m just telling you how I feel.”

            “This relationship has ruled my life and I’ve loved every moment of it. But I get lonely.”

            “I’m always here.”

            “But not in the flesh...”

            “Would you love me regardless if you know the truth?”


            “Julie, I love you, but I’m your computer.”

About the Author: Chenél Pieterse-Boyle loves writing when she can find the time between three kids and her work as operations manager. She has published two romance novels thus far, working on a killer story and likes challenging herself in writing different genres. Being creative is the key, she notes. 


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