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Tesla Motors is as busy as ever. While the company ramps ups its effort in the Nevada-based Gigafactory it opened earlier in the year, trying to increase manufacturing speed of the Model 3, CEO Elon Musk has provided an update on the company's self-driving trucks.

These trucks are said to be long haul vehicles designed for resource transportation, with the company aiming to move outside the consumer sector. Tesla had originally intended to debut the all-electric semi-truck later this month, but a recent tweet from Musk confirms that the company has pushed back the unveiling to 26 October. Musk also mentioned that the date is tentatively scheduled, which means it could be pushed back once again.

The precise reason for the delay is unknown, but the announcement is more than likely designed to buoy investor confidence as the company slowly increases the production capacity of the Gigafactory to get more Model 3 EVs on the road.

On top of that, the unveiling of the self-driving truck could prove an interesting prospect for those in the trucking and hauling industries, especially as it may provide a potentially safer and more cost effective alternative to human-driven trucks. On the other side, Stateside the trucking industry is one of the biggest employers, so automation could impact them profoundly. Precisely how all this unfolds, however, will have to wait until 26 October.


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